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Philippe Pentecote, chef étoilé du restaurant gastronomique Le Petit Bordelais - Paris 7ème arrondissementFor Philippe Pentecôte, proprieter and head chef, cooking is a source of pleasure.

Born near Saint Emilion, Philippe grew up in the vineyards of his grandparents, where at an early age he discovered the joys of good food and good wine.  Soon he developed a real passion for cooking.

After his apprenticeship in Dax, he followed, as have many other great chefs before him, the historic path to Paris.  He credits Louis Grondard of Drouant for inspiring him and then encouraging him to strike out on his own.

He won his first star at the Relais de Sevres.

In 2007 Chef Philippe bought his own restaurant.  Thus began the adventure of the Petit Bordelais He was inducted Maitres cuisiniers de France in 2005 and Maitres rôtisseurs in march 2011.

About the cuisine :
the smell of  the vineyards in the middle of the 7th district  .....
The menu includes traditional and regional favorites with Chef Philippe's personal touch and original dishes.  Everything served is made fresh in the kitchen. Following the seasons, new dishes are added to the menu. You can also find regional specialties such as monkfish, entrecote with Bordelaise sauce, or the special dessert, Cannelet Bordelais

About the Wine :
Naturally, the restaurant features wines from Bordeaux, but all the regions of France are represented in our wine menu, which offers a wide selection. Twelve wines, three white and nine red, may be ordered by the glass.  The wine list is changed several times  year.

 About the ambiance:
Chef Philippe called on his friend Christian Cardineau, a decorator in Bordeaux.  Together they have created a warm and inviting environment with a hint of the spirit of southwest France.

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